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Vaginal laxity sufferers, you’re not alone. Vagina tissue, like the skin, changes over time as collagen support fibers lose their youthful strength and vitality. This laxity can lead to a number of bothersome conditions which are actually quite common – loss in sensation, running to the bathroom for fear of leaking yet again, daily use of panty liners “just in case”, and a noticeable decline in the intensity of pleasure during intimacy. Now, we have a solution!

Dr. Sara Robert Believes In Viveve™

Introducing the only single session vaginal rejuvenation treatment for a renewed feeling of feminine fitness. Clinically proven, safe and effective, the Viveve treatment uses gentle, deep heating and surface cooling to promote the natural formation of collagen cushioning inside the vaginal opening. This collagen boost rejuvenates the vaginal tissue improving laxity and incontinence while also increasing sensation. Viveve is a comfortable, 30-minute treatment performed by in-office without downtime.


The Viveve treatment is both safe and effective. With just one comfortable 30-minute treatment we’ll get you back to your regular activities immediately and on your way to feeling even more sensational.

The advanced, dual-mode Viveve treatment is unique in that it cools and protects the surface while simultaneously heating deeper tissue. Using tiny pulses of gentle energy, the right amount of heat – for just the right amount of time – is comfortably delivered to reinvigorate the lax tissue. Viveve patients are immediately able to return to normal activities – (yes, even intimacy) – because surface tissue is not affected.

What Women Are Saying About The Viveve Treatment


“I feel much more confident and much more desirable”


“Since having the Viveve treatment, I feel like I’m one step closer to having my pre-baby body back.”


“We feel a whole lot closer in the bedroom and I’m a whole new woman!”


The Viveve treatment was specifically designed to help the millions of women suffering from laxity due to aging, childbirth and other natural causes. If you would like to know more about the benefits of Viveve treatment, we invite you to a complimentary and confidential consultation with Dr. Robert today. Please fill out your information below so we can get in touch with you, and get ready to feel sensational.